History of the Farm

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The DeGroot family started growing berries in 1978. Marsha wanted to stay home and care for our two preschoolers. We had a big front yard and Roy was already a farmer, so we had some of the farming knowledge.

We also wanted our children to know how to work and earn their own money and learn a love for the land.

So off we went to strawberry school. Yes, they do have them. There was a steep learning curve, but thanks to the Grower Associations and the Extension Service of many states, we were on our way.

In 1978 we planted our first two acres of Redchief. This was a good start and four more acres were planted the next year.

Twenty-nine years later we have expanded our operation to include 16 acres of pick your own berries. We have added a farm animal exhibit, wagon rides to the fields, and enhanced our walking paths.

We still enjoy growing our berries. One of our greatest pleasures is to see the children who picked as youngsters bringing their own families to pick.

This year Amanda, our eldest, will be back to run the check out booth.



In addition to being strawberry farmers, we take pride in our commitment to the environment. We live and work off the land. Our stewardship is reflected in our many farming operations, and our memberships to the following organization:

  • The North American Strawberry Growers Association (Roy and Marsha)
  • Livingston Soil Conservation District (Roy)
  • Master Gardener (Marsha)
  • Farm Bureau (Roy and Marsha)
  • Trustee for Iosco Township (Roy)


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